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Just wondering

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basically a lizard, so if lizards can regrow lost body parts then he could probably lose the helmet and re-grow it.

and with Ultimate Humongosaur it still would depend on the helmet being biological[/quote]

yes given that the ultimatrix puts the species through a millenium of unimaginable suffering and battle in order to create and evoloutionary strain that really would be survival of the fittest then i would imagine the helmet was biological especially given the evidence as I see it.... :

1. given the black horns on his sides of the face seem quite attached it could not be a removable helmet as it wouldnt come on and off..

2. when humongousaur fights he fights with melle combat. to counter this the ultimatrix gave him an offensive projectile attack. but it could also have gave him the armour plating and helmet because he throws himself in at the enermy in such a way he would need protecting.

3. this ones really coincidential but weve never seen it come off even when he takes a real pasting.

4. also coincedential but if my natural predator was somthing heavy that would falll on me when i lifted it i would hope mother nature would give me some head protection or spikes to prevent or deter this.

5.It just looks really good and weve never seen them make tools or clothes, i refer to the actor in "double or nothing" episode, ( Hugh i think ? Question )

sorry for the length of my answer, we could just ask Mr Wayne who would probably be willing to answer as long as we dont ask about the helmet in the ship.



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