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ZeroRecoil wrote:
Because CN put a gun to they heads and make them work in another one, but i think they wanna only 60 episodes and another spin off center in Time War, but they get 60 episodes, 20 new episodes and that Ben 10 was cut from CN.

If you look good until now every episode in this Arc is write for another "new writer" to the franchise, this affect storys and villains, like Khyber, in other way if Geoffrey Thorne, David McDermott, Kevin Rubio, Marty Isenberg, Charlotte Fullerton or even Matt Wayne, write this episode, things will be different.

But in change this season we have: Eric Wallace, Richard Pursel and Yuri Lowenthal, until now the new writers to the franchise, Pursel is the writer behind Skurd, Khyber using the nemetrix and others so punch him in the face. While Kevin Rubiu, McDermott and maybe Wayne and Fullerton write the final episodes and Time War ones.

Please don't get so angry with real people, especially when all the things you've accused Pursel of: Skurd, Khyber using the Nemetrix, were all things he was told to write in by the core staff with the influence of Bandai. Even if your aggression was misplaced, telling people to punch someone is a very immature way of dealing with aggression, and threatening violence against an individual just reflects badly on the fanbase as a whole.
The biggest group you can blame for Skurd is Bandai, who, as people have pointed out, have done a particular wrong to this series by making the toys difficult to buy which is especially poignant at this juncture, where they've enforced a merchandise prop which won't get merchandise.

Something I do want to blame the new writers for (and our local story editors too for not catching up on it) is the incredibly poor continuity these past two episodes.
I don't care too much about common thugs being pushed through plumber jail like a revolving door, but 2 heavily established facts in OV were:
-Zs'Skayr was first addressed as such by Ben in Arc 5.
-Khyber ended Arc 4 with the Nemetrix, but with no host.

I dont get angry with not one, i am not angry with this people i am angry with CN, because is clear that they "put a gun" in they heads, this people only write 60 episodes, but CN ask more and they change plans, is obvious that this 20 new episodes will end not only with Omniverse but will also end with Ben 10.

So for me is sad, because you dont see, is that the old writers are not more in Ben 10 crew of writers, to this point the only ones in that crew are, Rubio, McDermott, Fullerton, Wayne and a bunch of new writers trying to puch out the last Arc.

So is clear will be some mistakes because the time was passing and they have to choose storys and make it right in one try. So here is why we get storys like this, the idea of mix the DNA Alien with another is cool, but if it have some fucking sense!

Like if we are getting time war, they could take some time and explain in a better way how the Omnitrix get this mix, but not we get Skurd, the problem with Skurd is that he steal screen time to another characters, he look out of place.

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