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My name is Shane, I'm 17 and I am from Northern Ireland. I am a member of many different forums and fandoms, but recently I've got back into watching Ben 10 mainly because I'm a huge fan of other old Cartoon Network Shows, especially Codename:Kids Next Door and the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. What else..... I do judo and wrestling, I like reading, I'm doing A levels, and that's probably about it.
I watched Ben 10 from it's original run when it debuted in 2005 (I think, or start of 06) and I watched pretty much all the original series. Recently I have got back into it and have been watching the original series which just to be clear is the one were there'll all on a Summer holiday with Grandpa Max and Gwen and Ben are 10.
Please be aware, I am very, very unfamiliar with all the other spin offs like Alien Force or Ultimate Alien or any of that stuff, so please bear with me if I sound like some kind of idiot in any threads.
I might actually attach a "please don't give me spoilers" notice on my profile or something.
Anyway, I'm happy to be here, and look forward to socialising with you all.
Actually, seeing as this is my first interaction with this fandom I wonder how good it is. The Naruto fandom is alright, the KND fandom is awesome, but my favourite one, the Sonic fandom, is arguably the worst fandom to ever be conceived. Over on SEGA forums there is a list of topics that you're not really meant to talk about (it's like an unspoken list, if you post a thread on any of these topics it'll get locked) so it would be good to give me a heads up on any divisive issues within the fanbase.

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Welcome check your sanity at the door and step right in!

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