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Reasons why I personally had enough of Ashley Johnson and why I don't like her anymore:

1. I had enough of fanboys and fangirls banging on about The Last of Us.

2. I never signed up to listen to her singing the F-Bomb in The Last of Us. Her swearing was annoying as hell.

3. Blindspot (which she plays a main character in) is where I've drawn the line against The Last of Us fanbase who continue to ignore the Ben 10 franchise. BTW Blindspot is not a cartoon.

4. Blindspot IMO is a boring and overproduced crime show that tries too hard to be better than Hong Kong cinema.

5. I personally do not like her recent work.

6. Instead of complaining about it, it's better for my life to ditch her and focus on other voice actresses.
I also started watching a brand new cartoon called "The Deep".

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