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Story Arc Ranking

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1Story Arc Ranking Empty Story Arc Ranking on 14th August 2013, 4:37 pm

The Username

The Username
Despite getting an account a few weeks ago, I haven't been very active. So, I decided a good way to become more active would be to make a new topic, my first since the old site went down. I didn't see anything like this in the first 2 pages (mostly just Spoilers and Talkback), so this should be fine.

I'm going to list each story arc here, so as to have a better sense of conformity. The will have the name and seasons they are a part of. If the number of dedicated episodes is minimal compared to the amount of time allotted (e.g., taking up 3 episodes of a 10 episode season), it will be described as 'scattered.' In this an arc is something with at least 3 dedicated episodes, and seem as if to be the focal point of the season.
When you list your arc rankings, you can either list them best to worst or vice versa, with a little description as to why they are where they are.

Ben 10:
Vilgax's Hunt for the Omnitrix (or something like that)- Scattered Season One; It can be said that this arc is over the whole series, however, for the purposes of this topic, it only describes his attempts during season one.
Return of Kevin- Scattered season 2
Ghostfreak- Scattered season 3
Forever Knights- Scattered season 4; this barely fists the criteria, what with 2 of the needed 3 being a two-parter. I figured I'd throw it in because it was a season finale, or was at least meant to be the season finale.

Alien Force:
Highbreed Invasion- seasons 1 and 2
Return of Vilgax- season 3

Ultimate Alien:
Note: When I say 'season,' I'm using the DVDs to determine them, what with things being confusing the way they aired them.

Ultimate Aggregor/Kevin- seasons 1 and 2
Diagon- Scattered seasons 3, 4, and 5 (or, alternatively, scattered seasons 3 and 4, and season 5, if you prefer)

Note: This is going by the production order.

Khyber- season 1
The Faction/Malware- scattered season 2
Incursions- season 3

Well, those are the arcs as I see them. Seeing as how this is a long post, I'll put my response in a separate one.

2Story Arc Ranking Empty Re: Story Arc Ranking on 14th August 2013, 5:01 pm

The Username

The Username
I don't remember OS that well, so I'll leave them out of my ranking.
Best to Worst:
1. Aggregor/Kevin- I like this one because it was not only the darkest, but the most involved, allowing for only a few filer episodes here and there. In my opinion, this is when Ben 10 was at it's greatest.
2. Khyber- I just like the idea of there being a hunter who sees Ben as 'worthy prey.' Simple, yet brilliant. Of course, we find out there's more to this plot than just that, but I'll address this later.
3. Diagon- This was probably the second darkest plot. The story was really good, but it only had 8 episodes between 3 seasons, allowing for the fillers to take control. This would probably be #2 if it had more meat on it's bones.
4. Highbreed- This was a great story, and a great way to kick off not only s new show, but the idea of there being new shows. It's down here at #4 only because, just in their nature, I found the other stories more interesting.
5. Incursions- To avoid sounding tedious and repetitive, I will merely say that this was good, the others were simply better. Overall I liked it.
6. Return of Vilgax- This was decent. The episodes, though, were only semi-related, and didn't really have one large story, merely connected through the same villain. Even the related episodes kinda felt like fillers. In a sense they were.
7. Malware. The concept of only dedicating a few episodes to a story worked well in OS, what with the premise being that they were on a road trip and all. It didn't quite work when they tried it with UA, though the plot was still good. Nothing worked here. There were only four episodes to the plot, 3 if you count Showdown as one. Though I like Malware and Psychobos, I thought this plot took away from the first one. Similar to a problem I had with The Dark Knight Rises, they took a great villain with a great story, and made him a lackey with a more convoluted plot. I would have preferred it if Khyber, maybe worked with The Faction in the past, but then got mad and left or something. I don't like what they did with him.

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